sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

Winter outfit

Now that i'm in Amsterdam, winter clothing is my focus. How to dress nicely with all this coldness? Well, it is a challenge. So today i chosed a great winter look from a portuguese eye.
In Portugal every street style geek knows him but maybe not outside. The Lisbon Tailor has a singular vision on street style and writes beautifuly. Today i'm bringing my favourite photo he took this season, well, i think it is my favourite winter look of those he captured (not to say my favourite at all). Go visit his blog if you haven't met it yet.

How adorable is her?

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  1. I am so jealous of you being in Amsterdam, I really want to visit! my partner's family is from Holland so i really want to go there one day!

    by the way, i am now putting all my outfit updates and other posts at my other blog,

    thanks for following me, and i hope you will check this blog out!


  2. muito gira!

    agora queremos fotos dos teus outfits em amstercity!!

  3. You should definitely come. Your partner's Dutsch?
    And where are you from?

  4. Ohhh estás em amsterdão? lindo! Está na minha lista de viagens! Gosto muito do blog dele, tem um conceito muito interessante e sabe como captar diferentes e diversas pessoas e estilos :)*

  5. great blog!!! following you now...

    visit my blog...!


  6. Love it!! following you now!


  7. Que post tão amoroso!
    Muito obrigada pelo comentário tão amavel♥

  8. The scarfs are beatiful as well as the coat. You look warm!


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