sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

Shops & showcases

One of the brilliant things in Amsterdam are the shops showcases (can we say it like that?). The owners are absolutely creative about them and in each street there is a mixture between design and organization and weird, absurd, bizarre, kitsch and fantasy in showcases. Some are really tidy and monocromatic and others are very imaginative, full of colours. Here are some details.

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  1. these are beautiful! I especially love the translucent Bastet statues (love to have some of those myself!) and the eye necklaces and rings. I got my boyyfriend a couple of those ages ago, but I'd really like a dragon's eye ring or pendant for myself!

  2. I would love to visit Amsterdam! I hear great things about it. And I love kitschy little shops like that. It would be really fun to own one:)

  3. One of my dreams is to own a shop, a bags one!

  4. Love the ribbon
    Thank your for the comment on my blog

    x Romi

  5. That photo with all of those rings is amazing, i love those kind of eyes! I would love to have one of those rings


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