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For those who became curious:

Ladies and gentleman, i'm glad to present you the official photographer of this blog. Every time you find our own photoshoots here (usually having me as an unforgetable model of course, cof cof), this is your man.

Miguel Gama

He has completed the ETIC photography course in Lisbon, Portugal. He was an assistant to Mário Príncipe (among others), he likes shooting parties (in fact he does ir regularly), and he is a compulsively collector of photography books, in his way to possess the greatest assets "of the world and who knows of Europe" (hey, come on, it's a portuguese private joke - do you know by any chance A liga dos últimos? Well, you should ).

If you are interested in his work, here's a short cut:

or you can check out more on his work here:

as for me i used to have a very serious presentation text here but then i was like wtf, this is fashion! it's supposed to be playful! But here it goes a few things about me. Do you remember those circus does-it-all people? Well, i'm your girl. I model, i act, i style, i write, i cook. I just don't do the pirouette thing (but that's just because i haven't learn it yet). As for the rest i have diplomas which confirm those skills (well, not for the fashion part - YET) and here are they: a degree in Theatre, a journalism course (plus some literary prizes won from when i was about 10) and sushi training (yes, i worked as a sushi-girl). If you still want to read the serious presentation text, or the ones on fashion, art, the amsterdam experience or life in general just e-mail me:

(but just keep in mind the i model-i act-i style-i write thing)

By the way, my name is: Ana Lu Vasconcelos aka Bela Monstro
and i live in Amsterdam but i'm available to travel worldwide, if you know what i mean.

credits: Miguel Gama