sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

The White Drama

There you go, as we say in portuguese, white to "give and sell". I've just came up with a word to address these creations, and that is beastyful. It's not just beautiful - that would be boring - it's more than that. It has that touch of genious that turn things exciting, which has to do with the excess, the ugly, the contraditory, the ackward. With not letting things in the beauty side too much. Comme des Garçon, a beauty and the beast kind of brand. And here's some of what Rei Kawakubo has proposed for S/S 2012.

(just notice there's no high heels, there's no sexy thing, there's no red lipstick, there's no feminine steryotipes)

via ajectival

via fabsugar

via fashion politics

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  1. adorei a inspiração ^^


  2. muito boa a colecção, obrigado pelo comentário. espero que o possas seguir, eu sei que ele é muito recente mas tenho vindo a investi muito nele, espero com isso que tu possas gostar, ficaria muito contente :)


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