sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

Believe me, they're back

I was levitating in my white celestial mood when a saw these shoes. Well, the fall was hard. 
Pointed toe shoes - the predictions were correct. Deffinitely back to cowboy stuff.
Some of you were complaining about white shoes but just take a look at these colours. A blind man can get his sight again by looking at those.
So come on, don't be shy, just say welcome to the beasties.
Or would you actually call them beauties?

Glamour said they were, and i quote "ah-may-zing". They're Thakoon's S/S 2012, maybe that enlighted them.

11 comentários:

  1. nã me importo muito desde que nã venham mesmo afiados ao ponto de picar. esses é que não :p

  2. para mim ainda são beasties. mas com isto das tendências nunca se sabe. às vezes vê-se tantas vezes que começa a "entrar" :) *

  3. carrot: big LOL
    sara: ê cá pra mim acho que já me entrou. raios.

  4. i have some without the heel or the gold part

  5. haha i love your commentary! just ran into your blog- great site x

  6. isso e com aquela patilha como os azuis, faz me sempre lembrar sapatos digno de marie antoinette.. lol

  7. GGGGG, I like the light blue ones. I want them. 2 COOL really!!

    All love Lola,

  8. Voltamos ao mesmo.. Gosto de todos.. *.*
    Estou a adorar o blog. Já estou a seguir.


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