segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Cast Iron

Those who decided not to go to the Cast Iron show in AFW because it is a ready-to-wear denim brand should regret that decision.
First of all: it was a true show completely embeded by its concept "The knights of the 21st century". The music was perfect to create impact and the whole idea of denim 21st century soldiers is really interesting.
Second: I saw there the most beautiful men I've seen in ages. No baby faces. Just beared man with a rough look. The fashion world's awake to beared man is too late but it is wellcome anyaway.
And last: there was an "old" man modelling in the catwalk (hello, advanced style!). And whenever he got on stage people went crazy with applauses. Real people are getting into the catwalk. I like that.

The clothes are ok (casual, ready-to-wear that we usually see in fast fashion stores as it seemed) but the styling was great. Took some pics, but i'm posting these from Team Peter Stigter first, which are far better.

And just check out the Team Peter Stigter site. It is a great source of fashion information.

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  1. Woow this is a very different runway!! I agree with you... more intresting men than the typical "models" ... and the clothes rocks!!

  2. Não conhecia e adorei o trabalho! Alguns acessórios acho dispensáveis, como o escudo, mas as peças são bastante usáveis, parecem dandies guerreiros! ahaha

  3. amazing colors and materials!

  4. Gostei do tipo de modelos escolhidos também, nem fazia sentido dado o tema de guerreiros meterem "meninos de cara lavada" a desfilar, ia fugir logo à ideia que queriam dar.

    Estou a seguir agora, gostei imenso do blog :)



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