domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Sweet kind of monster

I decided to go kinda beauty beastin' to AFW.
In what sense, would you then ask? Well, in an obvious manner, I would reply.
I didn't go into the beastiful thing but then i wore my fur* to look like a litle monster. Even if all i got was a sweet kind of monster look (which, as Miuccia Prada said, is a terrible word in fashion).
I don't have my dear photographer with me so all you got is this - he's the only one who can really capture the monster's beauty actually :) - but he'll be on my way soon.

*fake, fake, fake, of course

6 comentários:

  1. So sweet and lovely!
    I wish a wonderful career.

  2. hope you enjoyed afw!! mspfw is coming up here in a couple weeks and i'm so so so excited about it! <3 Lindsey {{}}

  3. Ameeeeeeeei! O look está lindo!
    Tenha um ótimo domingo :)


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