segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

New beggining

I have to start writing in english once for all. I tryed to in the beggining of this blog, then i went like "it's not bad if i write one post or two in portuguese" and so i did but then i wrote three, four, five and in the end all i wrote in english was the title, nothing more. I have to say it: i LOVE the portuguese language. If there's something in Portugal that makes me really PROUD, that even moves me, is the beauty and the expressiveness of our language. And i love english too, it is my second language and it was love at first speak (!) at six years old but nothing, no language on earth can equalize the portuguese in it's expressiveness. And it's not easy for me to put my heart on a borrowed language, to put poetry on it, to put my twisted humor and the guts i don't have there but... well. I guess i'll have to leave my laziness behind my back. And you ask - why?

It could be ambition (i wished it was because i definitely need to be a more ambitious person to go on my path) but in fact it is need. I'm going to live abroad this January like i always desired. And i could give you a bunch of reasons justifiyng this old wish but i prefer summing up by saying: i just need to. I always needed. So this is a necessary exercise for me. And the nicest thing is: expressing myself in english is like meeting an old friend. It's a confortable place to be when i get back on track. I'll be writing this blog for a wider range of people now and i want to get to all of them. Or at least try to. There will be times i'll instinctively write in portuguese and when that happens i think i'll just leave it but generally it will be english. But i'll continue keeping another blogspot where i'll be writing in my mother language :)))
I'm in the countdown for Amsterdam and that's why i haven't been posting so frequently but when i take off Portugal the excuses wil have to stay on land. All of them.

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  1. "I guess i'll have to leave my laziness behind my back"

    Ok! I´ll be with you everywhere all over the world my dear even in my thoughts!
    Be happy always!

  2. Great idea to start blogging in english!!!
    Enjoy Amsterdam!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  3. É sim um excelente exercicio. Eu que o diga. Boa sorte e um beijinho


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