terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

Back to school

sometimes i'm monochromatic. sometimes i'm like this. the bag couldn't be other place than Ladra's Fair. the trousers could be anywhere's but are chinese stuff. the jumper was inherited from my aunt who's 100 kg heavier than me (or such). the shoes are again Ladra's Fair and the hoodie was my boyfriend's. earrings: i have obsessions for earrings that last an entire season. so: i usually wear the same earrings for almost all occasions during a season and even if i try i cannot put on another ones 'till i find another pair that replace the old one and become that season's obession. and that's it. my style (whatever that is) is really ecclectic - i think it hasn't a conductive line (is it correct to say it like this?) so i can change a whole lot from day to day. this outfit is something i'm definitely wearing this season. warm colours to cherish inside in grayer days. leggings, leggings, leggings (or skinny but leggings are comfyer). long sweaters or coats. hair in a pony (a litle bit sick of the bun but i like it too). always nice purses. have i told you i'm going to open my own bag store someday? :)))

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