sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Every look is helpless if he hasn't a brain under (in) it.

Every look is helpless if he hasn't a brain under (in) it.
Fashion for me is much more than looks. It's about ideas. It's about some kind of statement you do want to make (or you do not want to make at all). Either way you're always saying something, there's always some kind of visual message that gets to people, even if you want noone to notice you. Of course noone can know us just for the clothes we're wearing but it is a kind of beggining of some kind of communication. Because it is a part of the whole. A visible part. Yes, I know that the essencial is invisible to the eyes but I also like the non-essencial parts of life. It's like: I can perfectly survive without never drinking any beer ou wine or without eating chocolate. But life wouldn't be half the fun, half the pleasure, would it? For some people what one wears plays an important role on daily life, for others not or not at all. For some people clothing is a burden they have to carry, for others it is a creative way of expressing themselves, for others is a way of getting to a certain status, for others it is a way to belong to some kind of group, for others it isn't a worthwhile issue to loose time on thinking about, for others it is something irritating and futile. It can be anything, it only depends on the perspective of the viewer. It is not consensual. And that's what interesting about it. But then again:
Every look is helpless if he hasn't a brain under (in) it. If it has or not you cannot notice in just a few gazes. You always have to go further. The look is only the beggining of something, that's why you're done if you're just looking into the mirror.

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