sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2012

“I wanted to make sweet acceptable, for sweet is a very bad word in fashion,”

said Miuccia Prada about her S/S 2012 collection (read it on Trendland).

I don't know if you noticed the brand-new "The Beauty & The Beast" dictionary at the right side of this blog. There I summarized the whole concept of this blog, the idea that made me want to create this space.

And today, while i was doing my daily-routine through some blogs, i went on the Muccia Prada interview on Telegraph, suggested by Artur in the Woods, and there it was, what i keep referring to:

What is her secret? One answer is that Prada has consistently pursued a very particular and unusual aesthetic. She often makes clothes that are not obviously sexy: "I once tried to make lace – which has been a great obsession of women – unsexy. And I achieved it," she tells me with pride. She was one of the first designers to become interested in military uniforms; one of the first to look to vintage dresses for inspiration.
Sometimes, her creations look frumpy, even ugly, but they all manage the tricky feat of being widely desirable yet conferring on their owners a sense that they are discerning. It is often said that Prada makes clothes not for women's bodies but for their brains (she never designs dresses that flaunt much flesh). Her creations are covetable, but different – a cut above the more garish designs of other Italian houses such as Versace.



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  1. Gostei muito do "The B&B Dictionary" :) e adorei os looks *

  2. adoro esta colecção: os pastéis, os padrois super fofos... e vi uma malinha com um carro, mas não sei se era mesmo da Prada ou da MiuMiu. adorável!

  3. I liked prada resort 2012 much more!but bags in this collection are fantastic!


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