quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Drive - How the right guy can make possible the worst clothes

It's a mystery. A non-beard, hair combed guy dressed with thight clothes and a ridiculous white shiny jacket with an yellow scorpion on it (!) Just the opposite of atractiveness but instead he's all sexyness and charm. I know, i know, every one waked up for him just now, it's a crazy boom, every one speaking about him everywhere - it becomes really boring. But it's nice to watch the recognition for the ones you admire. Yes, because the man is such a great actor above everything. And that's why the clothes work. I'd save the gloves. And Goslyng of course. Non clothes included.

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  1. I completely agree with you..........xx


  2. tenho esse filme aqui para ver, oiço falar tão bem dele tenho mesmo de o ver:-) beijinhos****

  3. His jacket is practically a character in the movie, the only thing missing are some lines, but hey remaining speechless was a plus, e could have ruined it !.... LOLOL:...


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