sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

A bag's story - with undercover agents


People often notice this bag when i wear it. They usually say: how cute or i can see you like animals or they just chuckle. All kinds of elaborate reactions to sum up. In fact this bag appeared in a rough time in my life when i was working as a sushi girl, loving what i was doing but sad because of not being treated properly. And there it was waving at me in a Princípe Real shop, in Lisbon, on my way to work. I entered and bought it immediately. This never happens to me - i always think thoroughtly before buying anything (yes, even if what i'm buying is a toothbrush). It was a bargain - it is plastic after all - but the fact is that the bag captured me (ok i'm aware they're dogs not lions but who cares) by afective reasons. And all the great choices we make in life are afective ones. Don't you think?


 Bag. Dogs. Dogs on the bag. Bag on d..., well, you name it.

Girl(s). Momma why haven't i got blue eyes?!? Girl on the left by António Campos. Girl on the right: ask her the reason of that hairstyle please. P.S. fire her.
The outfit. Do we even care? Just kidding :)

Undercover agents. Where the hell's the frog?! Well, sorry. The frog couldn't make it. He's portuguese. He was thirsty. He could collapse if he hadn't a beer.

The end.

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