terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Daphne Guiness

(Exceptionally, this week, our Monday's inspiration has gone into Tuesday inspiration).

To describe The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Suzannah Guinness (1967) as a "fashionista" is poor. The woman is an artist who expresses herself through clothes and "has long been recognized as one of this generation's creative forces for her contribution to the worlds of fashion, art and style".

She's the hiress of the Guiness family (the beer, you know?) and a socialite who grew up in the fashion scene. She has an unique aesthetic sensibility. Her style is dramatic and extravagant with a gothic touch, so McQueen (to whom she was a close friend). Her huge haute couture collection fed an retrospective exhibition of her "visionary style" that took place atThe Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

So the best way to enter her world is taking a look at these videos which aren't new but offers us a glimpse of who she is.

(aviso já que música que acompanha este vídeo é horrenda)

[ Somo more on Daphe:
In an interview for The Daily Beast she lamented the lack of risk-taking in fashion these days. 'People stopped dressing themselves, they let other people do it for them, or they get paid to wear things down a red carpet'. This is a 'blandness that’s spread across the world.'
She added that music, which has always influenced fashion, appears to have less social and political ambitions these days, so has less creative influence on the fashion scene. 'There used to be movements and then that sort of died after the New Romantics and grunge,' she said.
She was abhorrent when asked if she had ever been paid to wear any designer's work. 'No f****** way. That would be terrible,' she told the site. 'Then it wouldn’t be real, and everything I’m telling you now would be a complete lie.]

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