terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

About blogging

"Network, network, network. But do it for the right reasons. Not because you expect anything from those you meet, but because you’re passionate about the industry and want to learn as much, do as much and see as much as you can and be able to share it with your readers. Go to events, tweet thoughtfully, write passionately and always remember to follow up. Some of the best opportunities for blogging will come your way as a result of the people you know."

"(...) it’s especially important to be unique and stand out.  Right from the start, establish your point of view, and stick to it. Scour the internet for interesting and original content.  You’d be surprised by how many cool things are out there that no one else is writing about."

2 comentários:

  1. Concordo totalmente com o transcrito!
    Muito obrigada! E sim, infelizmente este mundo anda demasiado ocupado a julgar o aparente.


  2. Querida, tenho a agradecer-te o belo comentário que deixas-te no blog "we agree to disagree"...

    Muito mas muito obrigada :'D
    Maior beijo*



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